Below is a list of our church leadership and staff, including the elders who establish church policy and govern the church, and the deacons who minister to the congregation. Feel free to contact any of the people below for more information on Northern Lakes Community Church.

Our Elders

  • Barb Cain – Mission – (231) 499-4980 –
  • Jill Justin – Communications – (231) 590-1332 –
  • Sue Rice – Worship –
  • Joe Schmidt – Finance – (231) 645-1150 –
  • Bill Scott Sr. – Clerk of the Session – (615) 945-5069 –
  • Tom Tatar – Adult Ministries – (231) 409-0979 –
  • Bob Thompson – Personnel – 645-1767 –
  • Pat Thompson – Youth and Family – (231) 642-1767 –

Our Deacons

  • Dawn Bondy – (231) 409-2215 –
  • Doug Gauthier – (231) 276-9673 –
  • Sue Fink – (231) 946-1119 –
  • Melynn Jenner – (231) 499-9452 –
  • Sharon Kent – (231) 632-7102 –
  • Jean Scott – (615) 945-5068 –
  • Diana Cain¬†

Music Leadership Team

  • Jill Justin – 590-1332 –
  • Sanjay Woolcott – 649-5007 –

Volunteer Administrative Assistants

935-4556 –

  • Pat and Lori Thompson
  • Penny Schmidt

Children in Worship Storytellers


  • Jeff Burton
  • Julie Burton
  • Amy Devanney
  • Mike Devanney
  • Melynn Jenner
  • Ron Messner
  • Sue Messner
  • Bob Thompson
  • Lori Thompson


  • Barb Cain
  • Kathy Gauthier
  • Jean Scott

Sunday School Teachers

  • Julie Burton
    Julie Burton teaches the 4th to 6th grade children at NLCC. This class is focused on reading and discussing the Bible. This year we’ve studied the Book of Genesis including the creation and Noah, Jesus’ last days on earth in Luke and Bible basics such as number of books in each testament. We begin each class by reading and discussing Pastor Mike’s scripture lesson each week. During the class we write Bible verses that move us in our journals. We hope to be able to have a nice list of favorite verses from the Bible at the end of the year.
  • Barb Cain
    Barb Cain has spent a lifetime in youth ministries. She grew up in a strong Presbyterian youth program in Kalamazoo which continued to nurture her into adulthood and was the spark that started her passion for serving youth. Barb obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, and she currently counsels troubled youth in her private practice. In addition to her current work as a youth group leader and Sunday school teacher, Barb has worked for and volunteered in many youth organizations, including Outward Bound, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a juvenile diversion program, Girl Scouts, and Girls on the Run. About her experience in youth ministries at Northern Lakes, she states, “It’s very easy to spend time with this group of kids and to grow with them as we explore through Bible study and activities, what it means to be and live as a Christian today. I am consistently amazed by this group of young people who are so fun, smart, motivated and committed to sharing themselves as Christians.”
  • Kathy Gauthier
    Kathy Gauthier has been teaching Sunday school at Northern Lakes since we began teaching Sunday school over ten years ago. Everyone who knows Kathy knows that she loves young children, and they love her. She is always the first to volunteer for young children’s ministries, including VBS and Sunday school for our young ones, aged K-3 grade. Kathy has a teaching degree from Central Michigan University and she has used her knowledge in her work with local schools and programs as a teacher as well as volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and spending her summers as a teacher at the Pathfinder Summer Camp. Kathy teaches bible stories and memory verses to her students while working on meaningful crafts. When the opportunity arises, Kathy leads her students in creating cards, crafts, and loving words to those in need such as those away from home in college or military; and children facing severe medical or social situations. Kathy’s class works in concert with our Children in Worship program, reinforcing bible verses and new concepts.
  • Sanjay Woolcott
  • Jill Justin
    Jill Justin is currently teaching the Women’s Sunday School class. She has lived in the Traverse City area since 1999, and joined NLCC that same year. Jill has two children. Her biggest loves are Jesus, her family, singing, knitting, and walking in the woods near her home. It is important to her that Sunday School be accessible, relevant, and meaningful for women of any age or background, and it is her hope that everyone can find insight and support there on a Sunday morning.

Webmaster Steve Kellman